What Causes Smell Between Breast?

Big boobs, small boobs, saggy boobs, perky boobs, all women have to deal with the stresses and the fun of breasts. From looking great in your favourite bra to causing that unbearable back pain. We all have our highs and lows with our boobs. 

What Causes Smell Between Breast?

One gripe we all experience at one time or another is a rather strange odour coming from our breasts. Most commonly that smell is caused by a build-up of sweat (see also: Why Does Anemia Cause Sweating?)as we go about our busy lives. But there can also be more serious causes. 

In this article, we discuss the cause of the smell between our breasts. We also include some awesome tips that will help keep you feeling and smelling fresh no matter the occasion. 

Why Do Your Breasts Smell?

Much like any area where skin overlaps, there is a chance for an odour to occur. We all experience body odour coming from our armpits. Especially when the temperature rises or when we sweat during exercise. 

However, this can also occur around the breasts or even our genitals. And it may smell slightly different. 

An odour coming from the breasts can often be described as stale or even as strong as beer-like or vinegar. Depending on how strong the odour is, the more concerned you should be. 

If the smell is faint and has a rather stale or musty fragrance, this is most likely a build-up of sweat. This may be due to the weather, exercise, or even your stress levels. 

This can also occur if you wear the same bra for too many days in a row. Something we are all guilty of!

However, if the smell is more comparable to beer or vinegar, there may be a bigger issue at play. These smells are commonly associated with yeast infections. Yes, you can get a yeast infection (see also: Can A Yeast Infection Delay Your Period?)under, around, and between your breasts!

A yeast overgrowth on the skin manifests as a stale beer-like or vinegary odour originating from the breasts.

The condition, which can result in itching or peeling, is particularly prevalent in the summer when high temperatures lead the undersides of the breasts to become warm and wet, providing the perfect conditions for yeast growth.

What Is A Yeast Infection?

Under the breasts as well as other parts of the body, cutaneous candida, commonly known as skin-related yeast infections, is a common occurrence. Yeast typically inhabits skin tissue and thrives in warm, humid settings.

The skin underneath and between the breasts is the perfect condition for the growth of yeast infections. They generally develop when the area perspiration and is then left damp and moist. 

Therefore, yeast infections (see also: Can You Go Swimming With A Yeast Infection?)under the breasts are more common in both men and women with large breasts or who are overweight.

A person’s risk increases if they have a condition like diabetes or take medications like antibiotics, corticosteroids, or some birth control pills.

This is why hygiene and bodily care are extremely important. 

Fixes For Smell Between Breasts 

Once you catch a whiff of the odour coming from your breasts, you never want to smell it again. And there are plenty of ways to ensure the area is clean and dry and smelling fresh. You know, the way it should be. 

What Causes Smell Between Breast?

1. Shower Daily 

As life gets on top of us, showering can often take a back seat. But as the weather heats up or as we wear more layers of clothing, we are all victims of sweat. Which, if not washed off daily, can lead to a rather peculiar odour. 

Whether you shower in the morning or at night, make sure to use a clarifying soap on all of the areas of your body’s perspiration, including the breasts. 

2. Dry Off Thoroughly 

Now that we have all of the bacteria off of our body, we don’t want to give a home for new bacteria to grow. Make sure to dry off your entire body thoroughly. 

You may even want to have a separate towel for those pesky areas to make sure they get dried properly. Especially if you have larger breasts that tend to stick together through all hours of the day. 

3. Change Your Bra 

Not changing your bra regularly is one of the biggest causes of odour around the breasts. Our bras are attached to our bodies pretty much all day every day and they collect our sweat and any bacteria that may appear. 

Make sure to change your every few days at least. Yes, even the comfy one that you wear to work!

You may also want to change to a cotton bra as cotton is much more comfortable and breathable for the skin. Preventing the build-up of moisture and the growth of yeast and other bacteria that may cause infection. 

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract 

If you fear you have a milk yeast infection then you may want to try grapefruit seed extract. Mix three drops of the extract with 1 cup of water. 

Use a cotton ball and lightly apply it to the area twice a day and allow it to dry completely. This will help kill the bacteria and keep your smelling fresh. 

5. See A Doctor 

If the odour has been around for a while and you have tried everything, make an appointment with your GP. They will be able to determine the cause of the smell and give you the right medication to get you back on top. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter the size, shape, or position of your breasts, you are more than likely to experience an odour at one time or another. And there is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

We all have days or even weeks where showering is too much or we forget to do the washing and have to wear the same bra for the 10th day in a row. That’s life. 

Above are the reasons for the smell between your breasts and some tips on how to make it go away. From a quick shower before bed to make an appointment with your doctor, there is plenty to be done to keep you smelling fresh and feeling your best. 

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