Lockdown Projects

How easy is it to feel like we’re going stark raving mad in lockdown? I found myself re-organising the re-organised cupboards… and I’ve been through the whole puzzle-doing, paint-by-numbers, learn-how-to-embroider shenanigans. I’d be quite happy if I never saw a jigsaw puzzle again.

Let’s face the obvious – we’re human beings who are meant to socialise and to hug our families and loved ones. Even though many of us aren’t good at it, myself included, we all have a natural work-life balance that has been thrown entirely into chaos. It’s unnerving not hearing airplanes anymore, not being allowed to pop down to the pool for a swim, not being able to trot down to the local library and have a sneaky hot chocolate in the caff. The situation we find ourselves in is entirely unnatural, and personally I’ve struggled with it. I’ve never craved a cocktail with a silly umbrella in a packed bar before!

As a coach I read about, and practice, several quick and easy self-care exercises. We are, however, in a global pandemic of movie proportions so I sometimes feel a bit… disingenuous talking about them, and advising others to try them. Who wants to learn how to do a downward dog when the world outside has gone a bit crazy?

What you have to remember is this, and I remind myself on a daily basis. You are still a priority no matter what else is happening outside your front door. We should not feel guilty or silly for employing gratitude, for doing a daily stretching routine, for doing breathing exercises, for implementing a better sleep schedule. These are the very things that can make a difference in improving our quality of life – both in and beyond lockdown.

So having gone through the rake of at-home arts and crafts projects, I’ve now switched to health-based and personal development ones. I’d encourage anyone else to do the same. Life will return to some sense of normality soon, and in the meantime – I’m perfectly happy to learn how to do a downward dog. There’s nobody around to giggle at my numerous attempts 😊

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