Hello 2022!

I absolutely hate the “New Year New You” commerce-driven rhetoric that we’re all subjected to on the 1st of January each year. It’s almost like we arrive at the start of another year, and immediately are made to feel bad for the multiple turkey-induced snoozes in front of the telly of the previous few weeks.

What helped me to achieve my own health goals was to realise that there’s no diet, no “new” anything. It’s simply a case of adjusting your life in a way that benefits your day-to-day living on an ongoing basis. This can happen at any time of the year and shouldn’t just be promoted in January. Like so many others, it’s easy to get swept up in the diet and gym fad culture that is constantly in your face at the start of every year. Who doesn’t want those Xmas pounds gone?

It’s not about those pounds though. It’s about the fact that you allowed yourself to enjoy Christmas, guilt free, while simply maintaining some level of self-care (snoozing in front of the telly absolutely counts).

So pay no attention to any of the gimmicky adverts you’re going to see for a while on Instagram. No, I don’t want to drink maple syrup and cayenne pepper, no I don’t want to see individuals that all look the same through multiple filters and no, I’m not starting my “new diet on the 1st of January”. I’m just eating and exercising like I do all 12 months of the year, having very much enjoyed my turkey-fest 😊

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