Best Chinese Herbs For Heart Health

When it comes to issues of heart health, finding treatment is no laughing matter.

Not only is it the organ responsible for keeping the rest of the body pumped full of oxygenated blood, but it can suffer from high blood pressure, heart valve disease, and heart disease itself, as well as a pretty extensive list of other issues too.

Best Chinese Herbs For Heart Health

So, making sure that your heart is getting the best treatment and remedies should probably be pretty high on most people’s ‘self-care’ list.

As treatments from well-known sources and experts get either more expensive, longer to take or less effective, one of the fields that many people have turned to is the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

And with hundreds of herbal remedies to pick from, trying to decide on just a few is incredibly difficult. Especially with such an issue with quality control among many Chinese medicinal herbs(see also: How Long Do Chinese Herbs Take To Work?).

Luckily for you, we have a list of the most effective herbs that you can try out today. From deer antler herbal bases to turmeric, we’ve got the best health herbs for you here!

Herbal Remedies And Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before we get into the main bulk of this herbal remedy list, we should probably first explain what role herbal remedies play in medicine exactly. Specifically, how they are considered integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Rather than the model that Western Medicine has followed for the past few hundred years, TCM takes a very different holistic approach to treating ailments.

Whereas most Western medicine will usually examine the symptoms of one part of the body that is ailed, TCM takes an approach that is far more spiritual, examining the energy of the whole body.

In TCM, professionals will look to try and examine your body’s energy, or Qi, to determine what is ailing you.

Qi can grow stagnant, and allow your body to deteriorate, causing diseases to be able to take hold, so the job of remedies in TCM is to balance out these negative energies.

However, qi is just one aspect of the equation in TCM. There is also Shen, which refers to the mind and spirit, and how that can feel, which can also be affected by maladies and negative energies.

There is also the concept of Jing, which refers to the physical condition of the body, which can also deteriorate for several reasons, from stress to maladies.

All of these aspects must be managed if a person is supposed to achieve a healthy body and spirit, which is where these herbal remedies come into the picture.

1. Deer Antler

Starting us off with a herb that might not seem like a herb at first, we have a remedy that is derived from the antlers of deer.

Specifically, this herbal product is taken from the undeveloped tissue around the bone and cartilage that can be found inside the tips of the deer antler.

Its first recorded usage was over 2000 years ago and is believed to nourish both the yin aspect of your qi, as well as invigorate often overlooked parts of the such as the spleen. It is also said to help increase blood flow around the body and through the heart.

That isn’t just pondering or belief, it seems. Tests on this substance’s effects on the body have proven that it is a surprisingly effective treatment for chronic pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Outside of its benefits to the heart, it’s also shown to be effective at helping alleviate pain from uterine fibroids and osteoporosis. So it’s not just a treatment that is great for the heart.

While there are plenty of different forms that this remedy can be bought in, we recommend getting your deer antler from professionals that you can trust. There are a lot of versions of this product that you can find on the market that are less than reliable.

(A fact that you’ll probably be hearing a lot in this guide.)

2. Astragalus Root

Like deer antlers, astragalus roots have been used in TCM for thousands of years, that can be found across the temperate regions of Asia, making it a very popular ingredient in local medicinal practices for treating coryza.

However, you’ll also find that it can help out your heart’s health too! The plant has been claimed to help protect the heart from the effects of heart viruses.

While the exact claim is still being researched, its heart-boosting effects have been noted, so the claim of protection against more serious heart conditions isn’t based on just speculation.

Plus, it has been proven to help lower blood sugar levels, as well as help clear mucous-filled airways and sinuses. It can even help lower your blood pressure too!

So, if you can get your astragalus root from a reputable source, an ointment or other product made from this root can be a great boost to your health.

3. Cordyceps

The cordyceps fungus recently got a lot of popular attention with the releases of the video game and TV series The Last of Us. Thankfully, the more science-fiction aspects of those series have no bearing on us in the real world.

Cordyceps are not dangerous to humans. If anything, they can be beneficial for your health, when taken in the right way!

There are plenty of tales and stories of this remedy being great for boosting your immune system, as well as clearing up any kidney issues that you may be having. Do any of those benefits directly boost the heart, perhaps?

Well, they are known to help alleviate respiratory pain and issues and even help combat infections that you may have in your lungs, airways and heart.

Then again, if you’ve been using a herb for over 5000 years, you’d hope that it was doing some good for your body!

4. Red Sage

Now, for a herbal remedy with slightly more mundane origins, red sage does not come from the insect-infecting fungus that we talked about before, but from a simple herb that can be found across Asia!

Red sage is known for its ability to reduce chest pain and aid in soothing suffered from myocarditis. It can even be used to help lessen the pain and effects of heart attacks. So it’s good for something!

5. Turmeric

Rounding out this list, we have another herb that you might already be familiar with, we have turmeric, a herb that is just as good for your heart as it is for your taste buds!

With its ability to help improve the oxygen-carrying effects of blood cells, and repair blood vessels, this herb is already a great natural remedy. Add to that its ability to help alleviate chest and heart pain, and you’ll be adding this herb to everything you prepare! 

Final Notes

So, as you can see, your options are pretty varied when it comes to Chinese herbal remedies for your heart’s health.

From animal-based products to everyday spices and herbs that you may already use for other reasons, there are plenty of extra herbs here that you can start using to improve your health.

And, once again, we need to reiterate a point that we’ve been making throughout this guide. Many sellers will sell herbal remedies with potentially harmful impurities in them, so make sure that you can trust your seller when buying them.


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